Tom Hennley Coy (Bilbao, 1991) is a young entrepreneur specialized in design and illustration. He realized the importance of the design in the current society, therefore, in 2012, he started his project and made the creation of “HENNLEY ©” happen in 2015. This project is characterized by his expression through the design and the visual communication, which is defined with a strong style and can be adapted between the best vanguards. This type of study directs towards the world of ideation and creation. Also, it absorbs new disciplines as many as artistics, plastic arts and audiovisuals

Self Portrait

Why design?

After finishing the compulsory study and artistic bachelor, I still had no clue what I wanted to do and which way should take. Everything took me to study Fine Art, but after an open day of a higher degree of graphic design, I decided to study it. Thanks to the courses, the conferences and self-learning, I got skills to dominate diverse professional programs, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, etc



I never can dedicate to only one thing because the monotony and the inactivity are not compatible with my mind. I need to do different things everyday. For this reason, I have taken this road and immersed other artistic related works because I am not just doing it or I just have knowledge of graphic design but I want to go further with photography, illustration, audiovisual, writing, sculpture, etc. The key is not to stop creating


Profession Origin

Once I finished the studies and the strict practices, I had worked during few years, attended to some courses, participated in some conferences….And after a period of self-reflection, I began the biggest project in my life, HENNLEY©. During this period, I collaborated and worked with Food Bank, some design studies and public institutions, city halls and some artists like the sculptor Jesús Lizaso, with him I accomplished various projects, an autobiographical book, different audiovisual works and a catalog

What is Hennley?

Long time ago when it was gestated in my mind, like an outline, an idea, a project. It was something innovative with many concepts, very versatile but a little bit more diffuse. It took me years to figure out and turn it into today’s HENNLEY©. A multidisciplinary company based on design and art, also, it focuses on diverse departments to provide the best service to the clients



It started as more than a design project but I realized that I could go further, make it into a cultural and sociological movement wherever I could contribute to. Today it owns a big collection of samples of our logo with different versions, which is a place of inspiration, where the ideas, concepts, designs and art can be unified


Need to create?

When my class mates playing some games which they bought, I designed and created my own games. Sometimes, the imagination is enough to believe that anything is possible. And today, I still have the constant “need” to create from my large number of personal projects


My eagerness to escape from the world we live, it made me start to write these books. At beginning, they were just personal stories but with time passing by, I decided to take a risk to publish my histories, since like designing or illustrating, writing is another way of expression. This is how I edited my first book, which in turn is the first part of the trilogy that mixes reality and fantasy


One early morning, I woke up with an idea and wrote it down in my memo pads, for this, I could continue developing this idea in the next day. It was for a game with cards, very different from the traditional ones. After several evolutions in both the game and the design, FISTH was invented


Since I was a child, my immense imagination of development of invented games stood out, with this talent, I could put it into practice with whatever things around me. Between those games I invented and developed, there is outstanding one, a role-playing game. After some years passing by, one day it occurred to me some things in my childhood and I found this game. It was such a great memory and I re-designed it like a current designer, I created this game in a much more professional and commercial way


One step beyond the sessions and traditional photographs is visual poetry. They are experimental photographs, nonverbal poetry, a versatile and confused concept where the idea and social and/or political concepts predominate in the artistic composition that make us think and question us why


One way more than express and transmit my sensitivity when it comes to creating. In my poetic sculpture combines the coldness of iron with the warmth of colored wool. With all of this, it obtains dynamic and irregular forms that convey harmony, serenity and inspiration as if they were strokes in the space


I think it’s too early to attribute to me this attribute, although it’s true that many times I think about long-term projects. Almost always I think of quite ambitious ideas, such as film projects, video games…But the last thing to lose is hope, especially if you believe that everything is possible. I am young, everything will come in time.

"The future is the fruits of laborious present"

Tom Hennley